Sunday, February 13, 2011

What about their social life?

Right now I am reading A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille. So far it is a great book!  He makes a great point in Chapter 2 about not ignoring the question I stated above. The first question people ask when they meet a home school family is, "What about their social life?" He writes and I quote, "What people usually mean is, "Will they seem normal and well- adjusted, or backward and strange?" 
In my opinion public school is mostly social and hardly educational. It is sad and not the teachers fault at all.  It's about who is the most popular, has the prettiest eyes, & best personality. The academic leaders are considered nerds, geeks and teachers pets.
 My kids are social butterflies and have continued to be this way while home schooling. If I am social as everyone knows I am then I am sure my kids will be too. If I am a hermit that shelters my children and act abnormal and weird then my kids will probably be the same too. The question above is in itself is absurd and rude. The person asking the question should realize I and they are very capable of educating and socializing our own children. Was I not social before? Do I keep my self sheltered? Certainly not!
The lucky children in school are the ones taken under a excellent teachers wing. To help guide them in the pursuit of loving to learn. This can happen at home too! This can be you! I never thought I could or would home school my kids but I am and will continue. I was a poor student with no "excellent" teacher. But that is not stopping me!!!

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  1. I always said we were never so social as when we home schooled. Home school kids social life I would consider the more "normal". Home school kids interact with kids of all ages and adults from all backgrounds. Kids in school only interact with 20 some kids, that are the same age and from the same group and the same 1-3 adults each day. Where else in life would this be considered the norm?