Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Classical conversations

Today has been a hard day to blog since every Wednesday we are doing Classical Conversations. CC is a great option for your home schoolers. My kids love coming every week. Our day starts off at 9am with a group of other fantastic home schoolers. We pray, and watch family presentations. After, we go to class separated by age. Every week is mostly the same pattern but what we learn is different. Notice I say "we" because it's amazing all that I have learned this year so far. I sometimes wonder where the heck I was in grade school!
Here is just an example of what we are doing and learning through out the weeks:
We are learning about ww1 and ww2 right now so the kids and I memorize a history sentence like; "In 1945, after the League of Nations failed to prevent World War 2, American President Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and USSR President Stalin began the United Nations."
There is of course a fun song to learn it with. Next is Latin conjugations, English pronouns, Adverbs, and conjunctions. We learn timeline with Veritas Press, study astronomy, ecology and physical science, math multiplication tables but this week we are learning easy songs for geometric formulas. Also we do art, music and bible.
Sounds busy but it is worth it!!
We have to remember that there are so many important people who learned in a classical style like:Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Washington, Gandhi, Newton, to John Locke, Abigail Adams and Joan of Arc. Wow, what a amazing list of names!!if you haven't tried classical education you should implement something. Purchase the book A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille. read a classic like Anne of green gables, or go on sites like classical Christian homeschool. Com

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