Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating right

Today is my grocery shopping day. I plan on making an hour long trip to Whole foods, and Trader Joe's. The reason I drive so far is because I found a great importance in my families health. I am sure you think the same way. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's offer tons of varieties of healthy food. There is no way some one could walk in and walk out empty handed! We have always tried to eat healthy but this is the first time we have bought almost all our food 100% organic. 
One of the many books I am reading is Home Education The original Home schooling series written by Charlotte M. Mason. If you have never heard of Charlotte Mason I will leave a link for you. You have to get to know her! Well, not literally she was born in England in the 1800s. She wrote her books and was so ahead of her time in all aspects of eating, school, parenting and discipline. The chapter I read last night she talked about eating healthy and how important it is for our child's brain development. Umm, yes this was written around 1900!  She didn't even need a statistic! She says, "But it is not the food which is eaten, but the food which is digested, that nourishes body and brain." Also,  "Everybody knows that children should not eat pastry, or pork, or fried meats, or cheese, or rich, highly-flavoured food of any description..." She also mentions that fish is a brain food!! Wow I am sure doctors, nutritionist and such of our time think they came up with these ideas!
She is absolutely fantastic! I was so glad to have heard about her in the beginning of my home school. I have implemented many of her ideas! We only eat 100% whole wheat bread, all fruit organic unless it has a peel, cereals made by organic means, all our meat is grass fed and local, our milk and eggs and cheese are antibiotic, hormone free. This may be to extreme for you so I am suggesting that this year, start your own garden. I have an amazing friend, who has already started with gardening by planting in indoor pots. She can then transfer out doors. 
You are probably saying," Duh, Lisa, I know about gardens!" But this is just a example on how to have your kids start off eating healthier inexpensively. Some other ideas are switch up their beloved white bread. I am not trying to start a family war but 100% whole wheat is so much healthier. Take little steps! You will be amazed at what your kids will eat.




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