Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lets get it started!

So I like to talk! But does that mean I like to write? Umm not sure yet, but I'll find out! My days are crazy sometimes and yet I still want to talk about them with, well, everybody! I am not shy, no not even a little bit. I love to research and I love to learn.
Currently I am researching latin Curriculum for my 2 daughters that I homeschool. One is 8 and one is 4. Some people don't understand why I want to teach latin to my kids but after  reading up on it, I know they need it. I dont recall learning the grammar I obviously was suppose to learn. Maybe you can already tell by my writing, :0 But I want my kids to have a better education than I had and to LOVE learning!
 I do not remember my school years too much. The parts I do remember are my social life. How about you? Did you have a fantastic teacher, guidance counselor or any one else who was not of the norm? I had a great middle school counselor but all I remember about him is that he was funny and "cool." I don't remember studying something that really drew me in. I never loved learning. That is so sad when I think about it because I am now 32 and think back on my many grade school regrets.
I guess this is my main reason for home schooling my kids. I am learning right beside them and loving it!!
A great book so far... A relative let me borrow this and my 8 year old is enjoying it.

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