Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wearing the hat of wife

I know you probably have heard how much a mother would get paid if she actually was paid for doing her many jobs. The wage is pretty high up there! These are just a few examples of the jobs she plays... Chef, short order cook, taxi, therapist, counselor, confidant, teacher, in some cases bread winner, in some cases both mother and father, referee, cosmetologist, hair dresser, stylist, nurse, music instructor, photographer, house keeper, laundry service, day care, accountant, scheduler (receptionist) and many more. 
In all this we also have to wear the hats of wife, lover, friend, and confidant to our husbands. The reason I am reminded of this today is because well, this week has been a hard week. The kids are acting up to say the least, I have to deal with my anxiety, and I haven't been the greatest wife through this.  By the time my husband gets home I want to sleep! In my mind he has been gone all day away from the kids and I have had the most stressful part. In my mind he has had some what of a break. Although I know he is at work and I would not want to be in his shoes either but those are just my thoughts. Through my grumpiness in the evening, my extreme obsessing over next years home school curriculum and through my anxiety over the kids fighting I have forgotten my husband. 
But luckily he has not forgotten me! After receiving a text telling me how much he loves me and that I am a awesome mom and wife, I was in shock! Really? Could he really mean this? I thought he was just trying to be nice or maybe hoping for some "lovin" tonight. And that may be true in some way but why not? Why is it wrong for him to do that for those reasons? He has softened my heart on a stressful day, made me feel extremely loved and needed just by a few words on a text. 
So I must not forget the hats I wear as wife. The ones so easily forgotten. I couldn't imagine forgetting to wear one of my many hats for my children. But for my husband that's a different story. I want him to know I love him, care for him, respect him. That I am a helper to him, a lover to him and he is my whole world! Love is a choice. I need to choose to get up in the morning and prepare my kids for the day, cook for them and bathe them. I need to also choose to show my husband the respect he deserves and remember his needs in the evening. Notice I say "needs". Because over the years I have learned "lovin" is a need for men not just a want. My husband needs to feel validated, paid attention to and my top priority. But I so easily forget.
Today even in the midst of my craziness I choose to remember my man! I will put him first and pile on all those hats, for him, but most importantly for Him!

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  1. What a wonderful woman you have grown up to be. So happy Kurt chose YOU!