Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our home school days have been different the past couple of weeks. I definitely feel more creative and not too worried that my kids are "not learning enough." I think that's every home school moms fear. But I see that even when they are not sitting down to book and pencil they are learning all around them. I'm so open to different styles of learning although I do love Classical. This week so far we have went on nature walks for art and botany. We have gone out to just sit and enjoy nature. We have also learned about Ireland on line and took a Irish dance class. Studied Newtons laws of motion and did a science experiment outside. I have read to Cameron and had her narrate back to me, gone over veritas press timeline cards to commit them to memory, played spelling and math games, listened to Treasure Island on cd. Also baked granola bars while paying attention to measurements and talked about tons of different subjects.
I am sure there are many home school moms that can be more creative than me but I am pretty happy with the past couple of weeks! Mostly because I stepped up to the challenge of understanding my girls don't want to sit in front of a book right now and although that's where I'm comfortable I did things differently.
The year will be coming to an end soon and I feel great about next year. Although I wish I could say that everyday I can't but as for right now, today I can say things have been great!

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