Friday, February 25, 2011

Rain, rain go away or maybe not

Yep, its raining out side. Weather man predicted rain and a temperture of 75.  I do not like these days because its so warm and muggy and then there is rain. But to kill the monatony I am going to add in a few activities for the kids. We will probably have some quiet time reading and then maybe something science related. I actually think I will organize my home school library today. I know me and I can sit and watch documenteries all day long and let the kids play games on the computer. So other then that I would like to know your rainy day activites and crafts. I would love new ideas!

I found this link too.

It's early afternoon and I am updating my blog because I actually cleaned out my library! The top pic is a before picture. Nothing is in subject order and none of our literature is in order....
Now I have everything in subject order and literature is alphabetized by Author. Emma has the whole bottom row for her books. I had Cameron help me go over the alphabetizing looking up who the Authors and illustrators are.
This is a mess of preschool books I had been going through.

this was almost done. I made the top for spelling/grammar and math, the second row for CC and the bottom 2 for Emma.
and the other side is History, Science/nature, Art and foreign language
I am in love with our office again!

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