Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today seems to be going much more smoothly. I started Emma on time4learning.com and she seemed to like it. She did math, language arts and science and after she is done with her work they have an area called playground where she can play games. Science seemed to be a little slower in the story department. Emma caught on really quick and when it was finally ready to have her answer the question she was annoyed because she knew it and was ready to move on.  She doesnt think the math is actually math because she is having fun on it. But so far so good!
I've been reading a lot of articles about how March is a point in the year when the kids start getting bored or tired. So I am pretty sure that is whats going on in the Hohan household. Hopefully Emma will enjoy this and Cameron will stay consistent until May.
This first year of home school has been a ride. I really encourage it though, that all mothers who can, try it! So call me a hypocrite but this past year I joined a church I said I would never attend, started home schooling my kids and started on a journey I said I would never start. Funny thing is I switched to our new church and LOVE it! Odd circumstances got me started on home school and It has been amazing what the lord has showed me through it all.
I learned that I am a stronger woman than I thought I was, that forgiveness is really, really hard but necessary, that I am blessed to be in this exact place at this exact time, My past has gotten me to the point I am at even all the bad stuff, my mistakes I am making now will later teach me, That I have an amazing family and extended family, I have great friends who I can trust, and I have learned things about my children that I wouldnt of known unless I home schooled.
I dont know why I have written all this but it's not like I plan what I write. It's just whats on my heart right now in this moment. My walk with God has become so much more of a relationship than a duty. Where would I be right now if I wasn't saved? Actually to be honest I can tell you... divorced, putting me first, clueless on what a marriage is really suppose to be, and probably in a relationship that wouldnt last anyway. Wow, really its not too extreme that is the truth! God totally turned my world upside down! Jesus showed me that no I am not perfect, not suppose to be perfect and He is the way the truth and the life! God showed me in His word what a marriage is suppose to be like, what a friend is suppose to be like, what my finances are suppose to be like, what my character is suppose to be like, what my thoughts should be focused on, how to train my children, what to teach them, not to worry about tomorrow, what and who I should put my faith in, who should come first and who should come last. Plus so much more that I cant even list it all.
People can put down Christianity all they want but there is no changing my mind that everything I have learned from Jesus has only made my life better. Why be so against something so loving, helpful, honest and helps you live a better life? I dont understand or see any negative others see in this walk.

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