Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you read?

Well Yesterday I wrote a blog. Yeah, you didn't see it because I deleted somehow. I have no idea but oh well. I have been reading so many books and I am looking forward to reading many other books. Do you read? A little? A lot? Many books at a time or one for a really long time? Do you read fiction, non fiction?
As for me I read about 4 books at a time, mostly about the same subjects. I am currently reading The Core by Leigh Bortins, The Well Educated Mind, Charlotte Mason original series, A Latin centered Curriculum and some child training books here and there like The Strong Willed Child. As long as I stay on similar topics I don't struggle with the books. I am not much of a reader of fiction anymore. I do like Francine Rivers and I am starting to read Don Quixote. I am planning to read the classics soon. They intimidate me so I haven't started yet. I was hoping to find a classic reading group for other people willing to start and learn and read together. Even possibly with our kids reading too with us. Cant seem to find that right now. Not sure If I would like to start one up either.
So what is your all time favorite book? Do you have a favorite depending on the subject? Which book would you want all your friends to read? Mine of course would be the Bible but on a lighter note I love Shel Siverstein. Did you have a favorite series growing up? Were you never a reader until now? As for this last question I would love to hear from those adults who didn't like to read at a younger age but love to read now.
Cant wait to hear your book suggestions!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry, I'm not one of those who "didn't like to read at a younger age but love to read now." I can't remember not reading and not loving it. I do remember the burn out years of college when I did very little pleasurable reading of my own. It took me a while to get back in the groove of enjoying personal reading. And even after college I've had spells where life had me so busy and stressed that I just couldn't relax and enjoy reading.

    But though I read tons when I was a kid, I'm finding a wealth of great books that I missed out on as a kid. How could I have been a reader and missed these books that my son and I are now reading? I mostly read girlish classics from Alcott and Austen and Bronte and I was a big Nancy Drew fan. I loved to read mysteries --- especially Agatha Christie. And I read the Little House series over and over.

    I'm trying to read the real classic writers now. I just finished Utopia and am putting together a review for my blog. I've discovered the skeptic Montaigne and am reading through his essays. I'm also reading a few basic economics philosophy books because I'm stupid about that stuff and I don't want to be stupid anymore :)

    It's a bit (okay, more than a bit) overwhelming trying to catch up. I'm grateful to be teaching my son and enjoying the great works that he is being exposed to you at a pretty young age.

    I love Dickens. My personal favorites are Our Mutual Friend and Little Dorrit. Oh, and David Copperfield! I discovered Elizabeth Gaskell a few years ago. Wives & Daughters and North & South are excellent. I began her Ruth a few months ago, but it got put aside.

    If you ever want to read through a book together (virtually), let me know. I love discussing what I'm reading.


  2. Hi, Kay
    I just bought David Copperfield! I can't wait to start it. I was told of another great series for kids, although not classics, but my kids enjoy me reading to them. They are from Jenny L. Cote The Amazing tales of Max and Liz. They have a bible "theme" but more about how Max and Liz and their adventures in those times. The books you are reading sound interesting. I have a weakness for old books especially on education. My grandfather owns a used book store in California and mails me fantastic books. I would like to start my own library of prize winners and classics. Do you have one?
    Your virtual reading idea sounds great! I'm in a Charlotte Mason reading group on FB but I would love to be in a classics one! It's so encouraging!

  3. I'm glad you're reading David Copperfield. I think that Dickens books are "Christian" in many ways. There are some genuinely good, loving characters in the books. The good people fight to stay pure in the midst of some evil goings-on. And so often the genuinely good find each other and form such a warm and supportive circle of friends.

    The Elizabeth Gaskell books have taught me a lot about the class and social conflicts that came about from the rise of industry in England. You get involved with the characters and really have a chance to see all their arguments about how things should be and you learn a lot of the history of that specific time. Like Dickens, she has characters that are very caring and they inspire me to want to genuinely love my neighbor.

    I'm not familiar with the CM reading group on FB. We're a Charlotte Mason family and for the most part follow the curriculum at Ambleside Online.

    We do have a library --- mostly in boxes right now :(