Monday, March 14, 2011


Oh, Monday mornings.... My kids are not Monday morning learners they prefer to include Monday to be part of the weekend. I on the other hand don't want to miss a day of them learning so I tend to be a little pushy. My pushiness does not help and then I have a house of grumpy students that are conspiring against me. So, since today is Monday I decided to let their learning be more spontanous ala Charlotte Mason. 
This week being it's St. Patrick's day, my mother inlaw gave me a beautiful Shamrock  plant. So the Kids have been learning about the Shamrock plant, where it comes from and why it is important to this week. My daughter decided to make "smelly art." She rubbed her shamrocks inside her pictures she drew of the shamrock and made, I guess, a scratch and sniff craft. Although a shamrock doesn't really have a scent it basically smells like grass, she liked this craft and can narrate to me all she learned about it. 
My 4 year old is still sleeping! Its 10:18 am as I write this! I will let her sleep because I know what mood she will wake up in. After she wakes I will have her make a Shamrock mask and while cutting and coloring I will explain the story to her and have her narrate as best she can back to me. 
Aidan, the 10 year old I home school has his own work that his mom schedules for him but I still had him research the subject, do some art work and make a craft. He already knows a lot about St. Patrick because he went to a Catholic school. 
Does your family have a day of the week when "normal' work just won't work? What do you do on those days? Our relaxed day use to be on Fridays but mid year I realized the kids were fine on Friday and so we switched it. One of the many benefits of home schooling. When the weather is nicer, because I am a baby when it comes to cold weather, we will go on more nature walks. On our walks we bring a sketch book,  pencils and some sort of field guide. I love those days, can't wait to do that! I also plan on moving our "class room" outside to our screened in porch. 

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