Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am just wondering... How do you teach a child who insist on "teaching" you? Emma my 4 year old
wants to "play" teacher more than being the student. I have to admit this gets very frustrating. I will try to introduce our work for the day and instead she starts "playing" with the book as if she already knows how to do it. When I try to intervene she gets upset and shuts down. Yes, my husband and I both know Emma can be, well, difficult and somewhat prideful. She is no way our passive child. She speaks her mind at home, throws some award winning tantrums, wakes up grumpy and can be so loving and sensitive, gentle, independent, self reliant and is very smart. I can see the good and bad in all the things I listed about her. She is strong willed to a fault some times and can push my buttons like no other. But she is my baby girl and I adore her! 
Knowing all this I haven't been able to figure out how to teach her when she is in that "teacher" mood. I would love any feed back or ideas!

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