Sunday, March 13, 2011


We spent the weekend testing out a couple of the new games we bought. The first one was You've been Sentenced! The kids and I loved this game.
The purpose of the game is to hand out 10 cards to each player, each card has words, names or places on it for example a card will have the words and, a(n), to, the, of. Each person with their set of cards has to make a grammatically correct sentence. Each word has points and at the end one with the most point wins. There are many different ways to play this game. All the ideas are in the directions. We played it the easier way to get started, without the timer and we all read our sentences and corrected them. The next day Cameron my 8 year old woke up and tried to convince her friend who slept over to play it at 7am! Her friend was not really inspired that early in the morning, haha.  My 4 year old couldn't play because she doesn't know how to read. But I gave her her own cards and she pretended to. So the other game we got was mostly for her. It is called Rory's Story cubes. Although the box says its for ages 8+ I bought this for Emma. In the box there are 9 cubes or dice I call them. Each side of a dice has a picture, for example one die has a flashlight, airplane, face, the world, an apple and a building. Emma takes all 9 dice and rolls them. Whatever pictures lands on top is what she uses to create a story with. She usually begins with "Once upon a time...". This game has been so fun. It helps spark our imaginations and the older kids don't feel like its a baby game. Story Cubes comes in a great little box to take in the car and a place in the box to roll the cubes so they don't land all over.
I have to say, we are very happy with these purchases. Do your kids play any great educational games? Do they realize how educational they are? I am always looking for board games, card games etc. I will post the links for these games underneath. They are worth buying!!

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