Saturday, June 6, 2015

Truth, Beauty and Goodness

 thinking about decisions today. I'm thinking about how fast they are made without thinking sometimes. As I was driving my daughter to gymnastics this morning I thought about basing my decision making on truth, beauty and goodness. This is what my thought process looked like...
Truth- Is the decision I am making a truthful decision? Is it based on lies or will it hurt someone in the end? Is it scriptural?
Beauty- will my decision turn ashes into beauty? Is it pure and well planned? Will it be well executed and not become ugly?
Goodness- Is the decision good? Meaning, Can I face God knowing the decision I made was good and just? Is it good for my soul? Is it good for those around me?

I think I need to pause once in a while and think over those things before any decision is made.

Just a few thoughts on this Saturday Morning.

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