Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I feel like it has been a while since I last blogged. I have been so busy! The past fee weeks we have had family fly out to visit with us and I was able to meet my niece for the very first time! We of course celebrated Easter and had a really nice day with family and friends. My last blog I mentioned that we went to a rv resort and did a nature study on birds. There we collected tadpoles. We brought these little critters home in water bottles and stopped by the dollar store and picked up Tupperware that we punched holes in so they can breath through the top and kept them in a little home made habitat. We added some dirt and grass to make it feel more like home.
They were doing very well and only had one casualty. But we decided that they had to go and we traded them up for lizards! So yes now we are the proud owner of two lizards name Pickle and Pepper. We went from free tadpoles and a dollar store habitat to two $6 lizards and a very expensive habitat. But the kids love them and when I'm at home on my computer I will post pictures and information.
The day after Easter our family including extended family drove up to Virginia to stay at Sunrise Cabin and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Well, maybe not so much quiet there were 9 kids and 4 adults! But peaceful I'm the sense that we had no cellular phone coverage, no tv, no wifi. It was nice to sit there and read, play board games, go outside and watch the kids collect bugs an ticks we had to pull off them (yuck). Plus there were no complaints from the kids they had a blast! Once I get home I will post pics! I'm currently writing this on my iPhone.
This week has started off with Stanford testing. Cameron and Aidan spent yesterday testing and will continue today. I'm just praying that there is no stress and trying to remember testing is not determining who my child really is an who I am as a home school mom. We are testing because we have to legally not because it determines anything about who my child is.
I will write more later! I have more to add to my last few weeks!

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