Monday, May 9, 2011

One busy mama! Understand?

I am one busy mama and you know what it's ok. My day is busy with things I do for my family and things that can better our lives. Through the years I have gotten to try out so many things that steal my attention from others.. My husband has mentioned my OCD in this area and the need to find a balance. I feel I am in a pretty comfortable routine right now and there will always be things I wished I could of gotten to or never wasted my time with on a particular day but who doesn't?
I home school, I research curriculum, drive my kids around, go on walks with them, relax with them, talk to a friend or two on the phone but sometimes that is a luxury in my day. Since hubby has been working all the time I have been pretty much a single parent. I am not always in the mood to talk on the phone when I finally get a chance to sit down, sometimes I want to veg out on Facebook with out some one instant messaging me.
We have had a busy April and May is not looking any lighter. My husband had a good friend pass away and that stopped us in our tracks recently. We had family in town, we had Stanford testing, and sometimes Sundays is a catch up day so entering the actual church building is not an option. But being in the church building doesn't make me a "better" Christian just as standing in my garage makes me a car!
I am OK with my routine right now. My friends understand me and you know what they are Like me! I don't take it personally when I haven't gotten a daily phone call or even a weekly phone call. I don't take it personally if a text is not answered right away. My friends love me an I love them I don't need constant reassurance.
Of course I want to see them, spend time with them, talk an hour on the phone with them but I have a realty and that's a life! I have 3 kids who keep me busy especially during soccer season. I have a 4 year old that is a overflowing handful.
I love you my dear friends and family! PLEASE understand I care about our relationships, and I would hope that I you get just an occasional text message saying hi or the quick FB hello that it was really the best I could do at the time.
My schedule and quite frankly hermitness won't be forever. This too shall pass!

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