Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lazy or just relaxed?

Not sure what is going on with the Hohan Homeschool right now. I was so motivated  a few months ago and now this entire month I have been super lazy! OK, I know I was doing a lot a few months ago and I had a few comments about relaxing and finding a hobby. I understand my extreme nature too and the problem with me is finding a hobby replaces my other "hobbies". So in Lisa land the effort I was putting into research for homeschool curriculum etc.. has been replaced with a lazy, mindless tv show and working out to catch up on getting healthy and in shape. 
So, why cant I balance? Why cant I find the energy to do all those things? I want to work out, start my homeschool year and be able to take a breather to watch mindless tv on Netflix. I've wrote in the past about my issues to balance things in life. I am extreme and have been "talked" to by many people about my hyper focus in areas. I know I wouldn't let my kids be so hyper focused so what's up with me? 
Back to homeschool... I am struggling with my 5 year old and her reluctance to me being her teacher. I actually wish I could send her to kindergarten at the local classical private school so they can teach her to read! I have thought this through but the money is what's keeping me. I can then focus on my 9 year old and going through some facts she needs help with. I feel guilty for this, for thinking this. Plus I know the private school thing is not happening. My husband wont spend the money on it and so its not an option right now. 
The curriculum we started was Sing Spell Read & Write. She seems to like it a lot! But its getting her to do it especially with me. Now, I have heard the advice to make her sit and do it I am her mother she should listen but then it is not enjoyable. I have also been asked if she is ready for it. I know Emma is ready for it she gets it! She understands it, knows her alphabet, can recognize letters and writes her name and her ABC's. I know that it is just me being the one teaching her that is keeping her from moving on. 
So do I continue our summer at this pace? Taking time off and let the distractions of other kids out of school run its course? Our Classical Conversations community will start up late August do I wait til then?
I purchased all my curriculum for our second year of homeschool, I know what we need to focus on and I know distraction is a issue.
I need some advice!!!!

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  1. Lisa I am sorry you are having problems with Emma. I know you keep saying she is ready, but it really doesn't sound like she is. A child can be ready in the sense that that can do the work, but not be ready in maturity. My advice is to just play lots of games and have fun! You know children do not have to "start" school before the age of 7. You can play lots of games that she won't even realize she's learning! I played "store" with Rachel. There is something a lot more fun about buying your toys from a store than doing worksheets and flash cards. Get Cameron to play with her if she refuses to do anything with you. This will also help Cameron with review. Good luck and keep going!