Monday, April 11, 2011

loosing weight 2

Loosing weight blog 2, it's been a few days since my last post and
I haven't really came up with a "plan" but I have added one thing to my day. I cut out my coffee the other morning. Okay before everyone writes that one off completely you have to understand, coffee in itself is great but I add loads of creamer. I did try a at home coffee creamer recipe and it was gross. So since I refuse to give up my daily cup of Joe I have been cutting back on the creamer little by little. It's definitely not as yummy tasting but still works to wake me up. 
I also have gone on daily walks. I am walking the dog daily and leaving the kids at home so I can walk at a faster pace. I know this is not technically a hard work out but for someone who is not motivated at all, this is working. 
I did attempt TRX with my husband's workout plan and well, I am not at that point yet. I wouldn't mind if he does Trx with me. I am sure he will I just have to ask.  I have given myself a goal date too. Not sure if I mentioned this in my last blog.  So that date is July 1st! I think its a great amount of time and y daughter is having her birthday party at the neighborhood pool that week! 
I HATE wearing a bathing suit but it looks like I may have to. This too is weird but I am more motivated after I loose a few pounds. I like to see a few pounds gone before I get fired up to attempt a harder work out. I know it should be opposite, that I should work hard, loose weight and keep going but nope I have to be different. 
As for today I am not sure what I ll do different. Hope fully go on my walk and probably have a light lunch. My breakfast was my gross tasting coffee and a bagel. Okay the bagel was bad but I love my everything bagel. I did nix the cream cheese and only added a little butter. 
Writing all this down makes me feel better! Maybe I will start changing up to two or three things a day.


  1. Hey Lisa - I think you look beautiful - but I am doing weight watchers and did it before my wedding and I currently am down about 10lbs in 3 takes all the guessing out of calories for me and still allows me my over creamed coffee and things I like - just on a points system that makes me think about whether what I'm eating is worth using my points for the day....just wanted to share with you ;) good luck

  2. Sometimes it's not what you take out of a diet that matters - it could be what you are taking in! Example: Increasing seafood/omega-rich meals, adding another fiber-filled snack or side dish to your day, eating protein rich snacks, or even drinking 8-16 oz of green tea might be a more realistic place to start. You may find adding healthy choices to your diet curbs a craving. If you have to meet other diet "goals" like this first before you can indulge, that may be all the incentive you need to not indulge. (I am not super thin - normal BMI. But, I do find I am able to regulate my weight better by setting eating "haves" and not "have-nots". More positive approach, too!)